About Us

Holly Laughner

Holly Laughner learned to crochet left-landed at ten years old by mirroring her grandmother’s right-handed movements. She’s been doing things a bit differently ever since. Now, she’s a homeschooling mom traveling around the U.S. with her family in a motorhome, knitting and crocheting, leaving a trail of yarn in her wake.

Hannah Laughner

Hannah Laughner first reached for a crayon when she was five months old. Her mother decided to give her artistry a chance, hoping she wouldn’t eat that crayon. She immediately started making marks on the paper in front of her. At seven, she opened a cupcake business after reading a book about being a “She-E-O.” At fifteen, her creativity and entrepreneurship continue to burn brightly as Hannah balances her time with online high school, full-time travel, jewelry-making, sculpting, and running the craft business she started with her mother.